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Leak Detection - Repair

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If you need leak detection why not let Plumbing Carrollton take care of it? We can save you money that you might be losing from your water loss. Even small drops add up with time and could be costing you in high water bills if you don't take care of it.

When you call us to fix a leak you will be happy to see how fast we arrive. You will also be impressed by the knowledge our plumbers have not only in finding the leaking pipes, but also in fixing them fast.

We can do water line repair so that you can conserve water instead of wasting it through leaks. We are able to come quickly to help you mainly because we are locally based and have a big team of plumbers.

Payments Accepted

Payments Accepted
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Our commitment to meet the highest standards, comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work.
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leaking pipe

Stop Leaking Pipe - Water Heater

Have you noticed that you have a leaking water heater? Why don't you give us a call to stop the leak? Your home may not be getting enough hot water for the kitchen and bathrooms. Our plumbers know exactly how to take care of this problem quickly.

When experiencing a leaking water pipe, you are encouraged to get help quickly. Our highly experienced plumbers are what you need to take care of the problem right away.

toilet leak

Fix Toilet - Slab Leakage

Are you seeing slab leak anywhere in your house or outside? It is possible that you have a broken pipe under the ground and you don't know it. We have tools that can detect this problem no matter where it is either in your foundation or yard.

If you find that you have a leaking toilet tank that won't stop, we can help you. We know how to take care of this problem and can fix it quickly to stop your water leakage. Call us at any time and let us help you.

If you need help to stop a leak in your home, we will help you if you call us at any time. We work hard at any time to not only to meet, but to exceed your expectations.


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